About us

This project (YouTube documentary style webisodes, Guided Meditations, and Dream Interpretation videos) came into being through the joining together of a number of passions, theories, and realizations. 


Having spent eighteen years in the production industry, I have had the opportunity to help a number of people put together and share their stories. Being able to be a part of so many lives over the course of the years has  led me to recognize that we, as human beings, share a number of common experiences, especially when it comes to spirituality. At the crux of the human condition lies the concept of mortality, and the acknowledgement of the fact that our earthly lives are ephemeral.


Considering this has led me to conduct extensive research on the topic of spirituality, death and dying and to open a dialogue on the subject with a number of different individuals from all walks of life. As a result of these discussions, I was made aware of the fact that a great many people share a common experience when they find themselves faced with death, an experience which typically has a profound impact on their lives. 


With this YouTube show, I hope to examine this subject more closely, to search for truth and shed some light on what is widely regarded as one of life's greatest mysteries-- the existence of an afterlife. If there does indeed exist a realm where human consciousness is joined together and we are all united as spiritual beings, what effect can this have on how we live our lives on earth, how we treat ourselves and those around us? Can the evidence of the immortality of the soul serve to enact positive social change and personal fulfillment? 

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