• John Glasspoole

Angels are real.

Not that I didn't believe in them in the past but I recently have experienced multiple validations of my own which i thought I would share here with you. Everyone, according to many, has likely more than one guardian angel looking out for them at all times. But did you know that they are very eager to help us and all we have to do is ask? Seriously. Just try it. Ask from the heart, not the mind. Eventually, you may even see signs, from your angel(s), such as a feather in your path (even in the most unusual of places). According to Doreen Virtue, author of a great book about angels, Angels 101, they leave them as a sign of their presence. I have personally asked for a sign from my own angel(s) and had shortly thereafter discovered tiny white feathers, and yes, in very unusual places. The first was at the lab where I work. No feathers in there. At least, there shouldn't have been! We cannot so much as wear a coat, or mitts, or boots from the outside in my work... lab-coats only and rubber gloves at all times. And yet, there it was, just a day after I asked for my first sign. I even took a photo of it (the one in this post). I recently decided to try out vegetarianism and had questions about it which I posed to my guardian angels and spirit guides. Within minutes I have obvious signs with short but significant information directly relating to my questions to the angels. Coincidence? Well, after a few in a row, I think not. In any case I am not here to try and make you believe in angels, just wanted to share my experience for those who were curious and didn't realize that they are right there with you for the asking. So go ahead, if you have something you need help with, why not ask your guardian angel? Nothing to lose.

small white feather
A feather, a sign, left for me in an unusual place probably by my guardian angel.

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